ISBN Services

PublisherPackage including ISBN

1. Are you self-publishing a book?

2. Do you need an ISBN?

 Survey shows that people buy more books that have a publishing house rather than self-published Authors   

But Publishing houses are selective, expensive & not profitable! 

 No problem! Let us handle it for you, so you can focus on your passion: writing. We understand that your passion lies in writing and we would be happy to take care of this task for you. You can trust us to handle it while you concentrate on what you love doing.

ISBN is issued by a registered publishing house. 

We are a registered publishing house.

 We offer you a publisher package that includes the following. 

3.              Listing on our Facebook page and submitting your book to over 20 Facebook groups when you launch it. (over 10 lakh subscribers)

All this for only 1999/-

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